about us

About us

Initra is specialized OEM developer in the areas of green energy transition, EV intelligent mobility solutions, IoT, video surveillance security systems, analog and digital data transmission, signal/event acquisition and processing, audio and alarm communications and the construction of complex systems that combine knowledge from all these areas and cover most of the needs of the current EV mobility, telecommunications, industrial and consumer sectors.

The company thus offers its customers:

  • Professional project consulting, which enables product and design optimization, cost reduction and preliminary production cost assesment
  • Development and production of electronics according to the specific client requirements
  • Complete project management and execution (“From idea to implementation”)
  • Software and electronic compatibility with virtually all equipment and standards present on the market
  • Software development (firmware, protocols, smartphone applications, web based solutions, etc.)
  • Education and training of staff from the company’s field of work
  • Assistance and maintenance of systems

Company references:
Our company’s references are all successfully completed projects and launched products, as well as cooperation with large (global) companies that appear either as customers or as suppliers of Initra.

Vision / mission / strategic plan of the company
To become a globally recognizable provider of technically demanding solutions in the field of development and OEM powerhouse.

The mission of Initra is always to be one step ahead of time and competition and to be an open, development-oriented company that offers the market unique solutions for existing and new needs. With the introduced process system, we realize comprehensive solutions with which we achieve a competitive advantage in the market, where the time component is increasingly important.

Leading idea:
Offer customers more for less money.

Increase competitiveness by investing in knowledge and new technology.

Strategic orientations:
To realize our mission and vision, we plan:

  • expanding the company’s technological and production offerings in order to ensure maximum independence,
  • expansion of professional staff,
  • in-depth investment in development and research,
  • expanding the business network of partners and conquering new markets,
  • follow the current 10-year guideline and invest surplus funds and profits in increasing the competitiveness of the company itself.