batery systems

Battery systems


Initra brings to the market a set of high energy density battery pack solutions with proprietary intellectual technology. Maximum scalability, high power systems (up to several MWh) with customized Ah design, options for on-demand tailor made solutions for specific project needs and with battery module ranging from 196Wh/kg to 238 Wh/kg, Initra offers truly best technology available on the market today. Since complete technology solution is based on in house design and production, we are free to manufacture single or multi-pack solutions that enable multipoint deployment through your system. With hierarchic string module control we are able to fully optimize your battery pack for all transport vehicles. We put special care into battery pack design, assuring that high-quality safety measures for automotive and maritime are included in final product, enabling custom standardization for specific needs. With state of the art BMS system and ingenuity hardware assembly technique, we protect and manage your battery from single cell level up to the complete pack, monitoring every change in system operation, assuring your system functions carefree and optimal. Our direct co-operation with top tier battery cell manufacturers enable us to provide you with price competitive and quickly realized solutions for your energy needs. With more than a decade of active Li-Ion experience,project references and close co-operation of our expert team will insure swift and top quality project realization for all your energy needs. Today’s rapid market adaptation of vehicle electrification and low or no carbon emission policies and high-end fuel savings are things of the future. We enable you to experience that future today.