customized solutions

Customized solutions

Customized solutions


DUV LED technology is something that fits all your disinfection needs and more. We offer customized DUV LED solutions that are tailor made for specific project needs.

While conventional mercury lamps have long been used as a UVC light source for disinfection, safety and reliability reasons, cost of ownership and regulations banning mercury devices have encouraged the development of alternative UVC sources for disinfection. UVC LEDs are mercury-free devices that offer instant on/off, the ability to cycle without affecting the life of the radiating element, heat dissipation in the opposite direction of UVC light, and low maintenance costs – all of which are disadvantages of mercury lamps. UVC LED technology is extremely effective at killing microbes, including C. diff and MRSA, and its flexibility enables the design and development of many promising new devices and applications for healthcare infection prevention. Many hospitals are already using UVC disinfection as part of their overall approach to infection prevention, and the high growth can be attributed to increased global adoption of equipment based on UVC solutions such as disinfection robots. But applications closer to the point of care represent the potential for more significant innovation – and thus market growth. By incorporating high-performance, optimized UVC LEDs into new devices and medical equipment, we can offer new infection prevention capabilities that adapt product functions to the everyday problems and needs of healthcare professionals.

UVC LED solutions can be used in all environments and perform on the same level and since they function on specific wavelength their use is especially suitable for food processing operations and medical industry.

Contact us and we’ll find the perfect solution for your project.