battery management

Battery management systems (bms)

Battery management systems (bms)

Li-Ion BMS

The BMS modules enable control of up to 16 battery strings. Complex system designs are hierarchically scaled and include BMS MASTER and BMS SLAVE modules, where BMS SLAVE modules exchanges data with the BMS MASTER module via built-in CAN communication. While SLAVE module performs data acquisition and balance management, certain data is forwarded unprocessed to the MASTER module for further processing.

All BMS modules feater

  • Built-in Passive string balancing.
  • Built-in current measurement.
  • Communication with the master module is via galvanically isolated CAN.
  • Several temperature gauges and a humidity gauges.
  • Eeprom and SPI data flash are loaded to store settings and events.

Extended features:

  • Precise State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimation
  • Additional temperature measurements, current sensors, higher balancing current
  • Sleep Mode Current of less than 2uA per Slave Board
  • Plethora of alarm features and custimizable tresholds for all parts of the system