battery packs liion

Li-ion battery packs

Li-ion battery packs

Our battery packs are ready to use and tailored to customer specific needs.

We offer in-house assembly of NMC based Li-ion battery packs of various sizes and configurations using standard welding technique or bonding based heavy wire welding. Our OEM approach enables us to design custom battery pack, fit different design casing shapes and engineer solutions to save space and weight, tailoring the final battery product to meet your specific needs.

For business cases where size and weight isn’t the most important consideration, we offer LiFePo4 battery pack engineering. This type of cell is less temperature critical, has an excellent lifespan and is much cheaper per kWh.

Solutions can be based on the liquid cooled lithium-ion battery technology, which improves the efficiency and economic life span of the system or clasical assembled lithium-ion battery packs, which are suitable for smaller solutions. The battery packs are suitable for all kinds of mobility and high power applications.