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We are one of the few companies in Slovenia that offer independent development and production of complete OEM products from various fields, as the entire process of design, engineering, assembly of the developed product, production and testing is carried out independently in our factory.
We also develop all product software within the company or via our close partners, so that we can adapt existing products to the wishes of the individual or develop a completely new product tailored to the customer’s ideas.

The main product we market is our leading edge knowledge, so we are constantly striving to offer our customers the technology of tomorrow.
All of the above allows us the highest possible level of flexibility and independence, which is one of the key factors for a sovereign market presence.


Our harwdware team has indepth knowledge and vast experience developing parts of electronic system or complete devices in the areas of electrooptical modules and devices, communication interfaces and switches,  power supply technology , measuring sensors , microelectronics, EV power infrastructure, battery storage, IoT, consumer electronics, , industrial controllers, etc.

We excel at:

      • Designing simple and multilayer boards
      • RS232/485, CAN, MODBUS
      • GSM/LTE/4G/5G
      • RF
      • ADC/DAC data devices
      • Ethernet/WIFI
      • OPTICAL data transmission
      • Power storage and control
      • Sensorics & aqusition
      • Magnetics
      • Extra low power design


Building and designing Embedded Software on ARM based Microcontrollers which is robust, efficient and maintanable for all our developed hardware is at the forefront of the software and firmware design.

Complementary to embedded software, our IoT mobile app development team delivers custom, flexible, business-oriented solutions to all of our designs and we also have enhancement capability to provide value added mobile features such as Device Integration using Wi-Fi/ BLE/ NFC, GPS Tracking, Aggregator, Social Networking and Cloud API Integration.


In-house SMT assembly line for PCB’s enables us to offer prototype, small and medium scale pick & place board assembly to our customers. We are especially competitive in the small scale quantities due to small starting cost. Full service is provided to customers, that includes material pruchase and final inspection and laboratory testing.


Our lab is equiped with various high-end equipment for detecting, generating, analyzing and measurement of: digital signals, optical wavelengths, magnetism, studio audio and video processing, Ethernet data, power and electricity, etc. If we don’t have it – we make it. We can conduct pre-certification testing, climatic chamber durability and temperature test, device calibration.


Initra uses fully automated heavy wire bonders from Hesse Mechatronics GmbH, formerly ‘Hesse & Knipps’, a world leader in the field of ultrasonic welding technology for the microelectronics and semiconductor industries, focusing on power electronics and Li-Ion battery assembly. We support the 125nm to 500nm wire thickness bonding range, wire pull testing, automatic digital control test and offer custom testing line development base on the project requirements.

Please check production availability of our wire bonding production line or contact us directly.


As an option for creating battery packs, we use standard ultrasonic welding machines for the assemlby. Ultrasonic metal welding is capable of welding similar and dissimilar combinations of battery-related materials such as copper, aluminum, and nickel. Ultrasonic vibrations, typically 20 to 40 thousand Hz, are used to rub two parts together under pressure. The scrubbing action breaks off oxide and contamination on the surface and breaks down surface asperities creating two smooth, clean metal surfaces. Once these contact under moderate heat and pressure, a weld is formed. The advantage of this metod is that it’s affordable and quick.


Automatic cable crimping assembly line enables us to produce high-quality, industrial grade cable crimps for various crimp sizes and connector models. Suitable for prototypes, small and medium scale quantities.