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Uvc solutions


UVC disinfection is a physical process that directly affects the DNA / RNA structure of microorganisms, so that they can no longer reproduce and thus cannot spread. UVC light has been proven to effectively deactivate bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics and established drugs in the process of mutation, and it also successfully deactivates all known viruses. As can be seen from several research studies and reports, biological organisms exposed to deep UV light in the range between 200 nm and 300 nm of the wave light spectrum are successfully deactivated, since the deep UV spectrum affects the absorption of their DNA and RNA structure and the structure of the proteins themselves.

MicrobeD90 Dose J/m2UV k m2/JBase Pairs kbSource
Coronavirus6.60.3512030741Walker 2007a
Berne virus (Coronaviridae)7.20.3210028480Weiss 1986
SARS-CoV-2 (Italy-INMI1)12.30.1867029811Bianco 2020
Murine Coronavirus (MHV)15.00.1535131335Hirano 1978
SARS Coronavirus (Frankfurt 1)16.40.1404029903Eickmann 2020
Canine Coronavirus (CCV)28.50.0807929278Saknimit 1988b
Murine Coronavirus (MHV)28.50.0807931335Saknimit 1988b
SARS Coronavirus (CoV-P9)40.00.0575029829Duan 2003c
SARS-CoV-2 (SARS-CoV-2/Hu/DP/Kng/19-027)41.70.0552429811Inagaki 2020
Murine Coronavirus (MHV)103.00.0224031335Liu 2003
SARS Coronavirus (Hanoi)133.90.0172029751Kariwa 2004d
SARS Coronavirus (Urbani)24100.0009629751Darnell 2004
Average2370.00972including all studies
Average excluding outliers470.04943excluding Walker, Weiss & Darnell
Average for SARS-CoV-2270.08528two studies, 90% inactivation

 a (Jingwen 2020)    b(estimated)   c (mean estimate)  d (at 3 logs)

Absorption of the protein part can lead to the rupture of the cell walls and the death of the organism. Absorption at the level of DNA or RNA is known to cause inactivation of DNA or RNA double helix strands. If enough broken hydrogen bonds form in the DNA, the DNA replication process is interrupted and the cell cannot replicate.

Green and effective way to battle with SARS-CoV-2

Studies have shown that UVC LEDs are effective against pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. We cite only the most reference in vitro study, as it is based on tests performed using deep UVC LEDs (DUV LEDs) based on AlGaN:Mg/AlGaN:Si tunnel layer connections, which are the fundamental building blocks of the final products of the development project. This study demonstrated in vitro that deep ultraviolet light emitting diode (DUV LED) irradiation rapidly inactivates SARS-CoV-2 taken from a patient with COVID-19. The development of devices equipped with DUV LEDs is clinically proven to prevent the invasion of viruses through the air and contaminated objects.

Irradiation timeControl (no irradiation)DUV-LED irradiation time
1 sec10 sec20 sec30 sec60 sec
PFU (PFU/mL)3.7×1044.7×1032.7×1016.7×100<20<20
Log PFU ratio1——-0.93.1>3.3>3.3 >3.3
Infection titer reduction ratio2 (%)——-87.499.9>99.9>99.9>99.9

1)log10 (Nt/N0), where Nt is the PFU count of the UV-irradiated sample, and N0 is the PFU count of the sample without UV radiation.
2)(1-1/10log PFU ratio)x 100 (%)