The SmartUPS 120 is intended for use on all systems that use critical applications for data processing and storage. The device operates in ON-LINE mode, which ensures safe execution of open processes even in the event of a power failure, enabling the system to safely shut down. At the same time, it eliminates any malfunction of the system when the input voltage fluctuates and protects it from power surges.

The SmartUPS 120 is intended for 12V powered devices with power loads up to 15A. Depending on the battery level, UPS provides power sorce in the range from 10.8V to 13.0V. Up to 3 different electrical devices can be connected to the device. With a full load on the device and a factory preset running time of 60 seconds, the UPS allows the connected system to be turned on and powered repeatedly, allowing all critical processes to be safely completed and essential data stored.


  • IMS control system that maximizes the power of the ON-LINE power supply and provides more than 99% energy efficiency in the normal operation of the device
  • Li-Ion batteries offer maximum device life time
  • 3.5” sized design
  • a built in hardware monitor test, which periodically tests the device harware and operating environment
  • Precise State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimation
  • double thermal protection
  • COM (DB9) or USB (Type B) port communication port
  • alarm notifications, which refer to critical operational states, are recorded within the device internal memory and sent via control interface to the control unit