industry sectors

Industry sectors

Initra builds its main market potential on its own knowledge and network of partner companies, which is growing over the years and is also expanding globally. As the company follows the current development of electronics and trends, we strive not only to remain a leading company in its field, but also to expand into related areas, where we see great market potential and where we can use our knowledge.

Thus, new products are based on the demand of current customers or new partners and investors, who are not only potential buyers of a new product itself, but are also willing to invest in the development and launch of product production. With a quality, innovative and price-attractive policy, we have also become extremely attractive for the international market, where we have reaped most of our results in recent years.

As we are present in an industry that is experiencing one of the fastest advances in new technologies and solutions, we are forced to follow the rapid development and supply of the market, but we look at this challenging task in terms of stronger competitiveness and greater market interest. The fact is that there are quite a few companies with similar competencies and knowledge on a global scale. Thus, the company is engaged in the development and production of products for “tomorrow’s technology”, which provide high added value.

All of the above enables the company to quickly penetrate new markets and gain new customers through offering unique OEM industry solutions.